The Name

My name is Kevin Charlton and I create handcrafted guitars in my home-based shop in Nanton, Alberta, a small town 75 Km South of Calgary.

The Company Name

The name Charltone came from "Charlton" combined with “tone” (in the tradition of Silvertone, Guyatone, Magnatone etc). It seemed like a natural...


My start in guitar building came in May 1999 through a prominent luthier in Calgary, Alberta. This happened somewhat later in life than perhaps most people find their calling. After about 5 years of occasional instruction and independent learning, I made the jump to full time, solo building. Starting with nylon string guitar construction, I then expanded to steel string and electric guitars.


My wood comes from all over, much of it salvaged. This seems to be my niche – building guitars from whatever wood comes to me, supplemented by store-bought wood from “normal” channels. This fact, along with my very traditional, deliberate building style and French polish finish, are what I feel set my guitars apart from those of other builders. Inevitably each instrument will be unique, with its own story told by where the wood in it came from.